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What is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for your Mum? [Quiz]

Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Take our quiz and find out what present will hit the right note on your mum’s special day.

There are many types of mum.

You could have the mumsy-mum, the granny mum, the mentor mum, the agony-aunt type mum, the one that isn’t your mum but feels like a mum.

The truth is… If you are reading this, there is a woman in your life that is a motherly figure in one shape or another and a lot of times it isn’t until we have to buy these amazing women a gift that we stop to think about what they actually enjoy as individuals. Is you mum a lover of  haute couture or gym wear? Is she a bundle of endless energy or does she prefer contemplative quiet moments? Take our fun quiz and find out what type of mum is your mum, then go forth and conquer the perfect gift.

What does your mum do to chill out?

Francis Buchanan

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