The Joys of Travelling with Children

The Joys of Travelling with Children

The Joys of Travelling with Children

There is no denying that travelling with kids is a very different experience from travelling with friends or as a couple. From what you pack to where you go, it changes everything. We've taken a look at the differences, perks and funny happenings of going away en famille. Cheers to the joys of travelling with children!

1. The smallest person will have the most luggage.

funny facts about travelling with kids










2. But in some airlines, parents with young children get to jump the boarding queue.

3. The holiday programme will not always please everyone.












4. But that is why wine is a holiday essential for any parent.


5. You will spend more time at the playground and visiting child-friendly attractions than sunbathing or at the bar...

6. But that doesn't mean it won't be entertaining.

7. Trying the local cuisine could be an exciting experience...

8. Or not.

9. But if it all fails, serviced apartments have fully equipped kitchens. There is nothing wrong with having beans on toast on holiday if the kids are happy!








10. While swimming pools might not be as fun as you remember

11. And the beach might turn out not to be as relaxing as it used to be

12. If you choose the right accommodation, you will have plenty of room to recover and dry all the swimming cossies before trying again.









13. You might even discover a different use for balconies.

14. And while sleep might be an elusive phenomenon that can happen at any time










15. Especially when the holiday excitement becomes a little too much

16. You can always go back to your apartment and put the kids to bed in their own bedroom.

17. So you can enjoy the moment of quiet in the sitting room with a glass of wine without having to whisper.

So yes, while you might question your sanity when you decided to travel with the kids, it's not all bad. After all, you can always bank on the children to come up with the best quotes and the funniest holiday moments. And if you book a serviced apartment, you will even have enough space to hide from them when you need a moment to regain composure. :)

Read more about why serviced apartments are ideal for families here and have an amazing holiday!

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