Inside Scoop: Dusit Residences, Hotels and Resorts

Inside Scoop: Dusit Residences, Hotels and Resorts

Inside Scoop: Dusit Residences, Hotels and Resorts

Here at Citybase, we know our apartments so we can find the perfect match for you. We pride ourselves on the fact we visit them regularly ourselves and that we work closely with our partners to know our properties well. This week Citybase welcomed Olivia Truco from Thailand-based global hospitality group Dusit Residences, Hotels & Resorts and she gave us the inside scoop in all that is new and upcoming from Dusit Residences.

Welcome to Citybase Olivia, can you tell us a little bit about Dusit? The company has a long history, doesn't it?  Yes we do! Dusit the brand was born in Bangkok in 1947, when Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui, the founder of the Dusit group, returned from her travels with a pioneering vision – to build a world-class hotel like those she had seen abroad, but instilled with a uniquely Thai essence. She was inspired by her visits to the USA and wanted to launch a new luxury hotel brand in Thailand, which combined the luxury of brands like Hilton and Sheraton with fine service. Thailand was still relatively new as a tourist destination and so this was really ground-breaking, but we now have 29 hotels and resorts across the world- Kenya, Dubai, Cairo, California, Maldives and China to name a few! And we have over 50 new hotels and resorts due to be opened over the next five years.

So Dusit has serviced apartments, hotels and resorts? Yes, we have four brands in our company group: Thani, D2, Princess, Residence Serviced Apartments and Devarana. All of them are high quality, four and five star.

What is special about Dusit? What will guests experience with you that is unique? Our heritage and history as a Thai company is the key thing. Thailand is known as ‘The Country of Smiles’ and we pride ourselves on the outstandingly warm and gracious service we offer, as well as Thai food in many of our restaurants and Thai culture, that often can be seen in our interior design.

So you are here today to talk to us about your serviced apartments in what is an important market for Citybase and SilverDoor – the UAE. Yes, we have five properties in the UAE which include serviced apartments and hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Why should people visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Well, they were originally stop over destinations, but there is so much more than this. Dubai has culture, food, many amazing sights, you can enjoy the marina and even ski and do safari. In Abu Dhabi there is such a rich culture, the Grand Mosque obviously and the Louvres opening soon, museums and mangroves, Ferrari World. When traditionally, people might go for just one or two days, now people are going for full vacations.

What are the must do activities that you would recommend for travellers visiting the UAE for the first time? Well, first and foremost the Friday Brunches are now quite the institution! At the Dusit we do a wonderful Friday Brunch which is very popular with expats and holidaymakers and is a real must-do. The beaches are also beautiful, we have a free shuttle from the Dusit Thani in Abu Dhabi to the public beach but there are many other beach clubs that you can enjoy. The Mall of the Emirates is a fantastic day out and you can even ski there! I will also visit the fountains near the Burj Khalifa. The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and The Corniche. It is a good time to visit in the spring as it is lovely and warm.

Thank you for joining us Olivia. We have loved seeing your beautiful resorts and apartments and we will hopefully be able to visit them in person very soon.

Inside scoop.

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