How to Survive the 12 Days of Christmas

How to Survive the 12 Days of Christmas

How to Survive the 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. But if your Christmas is anything like our staff’s… the dog will go on the run with the turkey, someone will drop the glass bauble that was a family heirloom, Trivia Pursuit will make a sore loser out of the most competitive one and all the mulled wine action will have someone in the doghouse before the meal is even served *cough-dad-cough*. Sounds chaotically familiar? Then here are our staff's top tips on how to survive the last 12 days of Christmas. We have narrowed down the best tricks on our books just for you.

Survive the 12 Days till Christmas


  1. “Always remember to buy yourself a present for every gift you get someone else. Present buying is much more exciting that way.” Daisy Vernon, Senior Account Support, Lancaster Office

  2. “Pay a housemate minimum wage to do all your wrapping.” Ross Symons, Technology Systems Manager, London Office

  3. "Recreate the Famous Xmas film 'Home Alone' by booking yourself into a serviced apartment for the night." Martin Collins, Head of Client Reservations, Lancaster Office

  4. "Use the excuse that your child is 'too exhausted from all the excitement' to avoid having to visit some of your more testing relatives." Roisin Hine, Senior Client Support, Lancaster Office

  5. "Have an argument with the wife so she will leave you alone in your man cave." Matthew He, Head Account Manager, London Office

  6. "Perfect your "appreciative" smile for presents that are absolutely rubbish.” Will Doyle, Client Support, Lancaster Office

  7. “Plan to get the kids out of the house early on Christmas Day and take them for a looooong walk up a big hill!” Mark Stephens, Senior Business Development Manager, London Office

  8. "Play Cards Against Humanity with your grandparents and see how long it takes before "that line" is crossed." Caroline Saunders, Group Head of Marketing, London Office

  9. “Plan to fall asleep after the Christmas dinner so you get out of doing the pots!” Sarah Vardy, Client Support, Lancaster Office

  10. "Start drinking bucks fizz when you wake up and don't stop until you pass out in front of the TV watching The Snowman or Home Alone." James Buckley, Group Financial Controller, London Office

  11. "When your family make you where the paper hat from your Christmas cracker, accidentally on purpose tug it too hard over your head so it splits and you can no longer wear it." Sophie Brinsley, Head Account Manager, Singapore Office

  12. "A competitive board game, coupled with plenty of wine, always ensures that no Christmas Day is over without the obligatory argument!" Charles Coker, Senior Partner Account Manager, London Office

Merry Christmas Everyone!! You made it to Christmas unscathed. Another successful family event in the bag!

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