How to spend a week in Glasgow: 12 attractions you must see

How to spend a week in Glasgow: 12 attractions you must see

How to spend a week in Glasgow: 12 attractions you must see

As Scotland’s biggest city and home to nearly 600,000 people, Glasgow is an often underrated city. With so much to do and see in around the city, we ask ourselves, why do people not stay longer? To expand on this, we believe it’s because people don’t know how much there is to actually do in the city; so we’ve written a guide to some of the best things to do in and around Glasgow.

From local tips to day trips, we have something for everyone!


1. Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral on a sunny day
Take a trip to the architecturally brilliant Glasgow Cathedral

As one of the most beautiful buildings in Glasgow, it’s easy to understand why the cathedral attracts so much attention. Being one of Scotland’s oldest medieval buildings, the cathedral holds a staggering amount of history to be unlocked. Built back in the 13th century and completed in the 15th, the cathedral is said to be built on the burial site of St Kentigern, the first bishop within the ancient British Kingdom. With some of the most beautiful post-war stained glass windows in Britain, the cathedral is a must-see while in Glasgow.

2. Riverside Museum

Landscape shot of the Riverside Museum
Come and explore the history of rivers

The award-winning Riverside Museum located on the River Clyde is the perfect place to enjoy some family time and also enjoy some fascinating history. With interactive exhibitions for the kids to enjoy and memories and films to tell the story behind the museum, the whole family can have a day of entertainment in this Glaswegian attraction.  

3. The lighthouse

The famous spiral staircase at the Lighthouse
The fantastic design work of the Lighthouse

Just off the style mile sits the home of Scotland’s greatest architecture and design centre. The building was the famous Charles Mackintosh’s first public commission. Designed back in 1895, Mackintosh first intended for the tower to hold an eight thousand gallon water tank. With guided building tours available and each floor containing something new, there is plenty to be discovered in this historic Glasgow building.  

4. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

View of the hallway of Kelvingrove museum
Escape to a world of history and magic at the Kelvingrove

As one of the most impressive buildings in Glasgow, the Kelvingrove is a must-see when truly experiencing the city. With 22 galleries to work your way through, there really is something for everyone here. From the ancient Egyptians to Charles Mackintosh, discover the history behind Glasgow.

5. Food and Drink - Ashton Lane

Street view of Ashton Lane
Fill up on some of the best local cuisines around

Glasgow is great for discovering new and quirky little cobbled areas. Ashton Lane in the West of Glasgow is lined with fantastic food and drink restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else. For a truly authentic Glasgow night of food and drinks, there is no better place than the west end. If you’re heading there on a weekend, be sure to go early to get a seat as this quaint area turns into a lively bustling section for bar and pub-goers.

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6. Nightlife in Glasgow

Glasgow lit up at night
The city comes alive at night

It wouldn’t be a Glasgow blog without mentioning the legendary nightlife and music scene. The Sanctuary in the West End is a great place to visit on a night out. With a lively vibe and a terrace with a roasting fire in the winter, no matter the season you attend, you’ll have a fantastic night ahead.

Day trips

7. Isle of Arran

Landscape of the Isle of Arran
The serene Isle of Arran awaits you

An Island off the coast of Scotland and is less than 2 and a half hours away from Glasgow. With some of the most stunning scenery in all of Scotland, the Isle of Arran is perfect for a secluded trip away from the big city.

8. Machrie Moor Stone Circles

The Machrie Moor Stones with a beautiful sky
Step back in time with the Machrie Moor Stones

Six stones that are situated on top of the moor east of the Moss Farm are thought to be thousands of years old. Said to be dating back as early as 3500 BC, these stones are the earliest sign of activity on Machrie Moor.

9. Brodick Castle

View of the Castle from the bottom of the garden
Feel like a character from Outlander while exploring Brodick Castle

Nestled in the Arran Mountains is the Brodick Castle. Saturated in history the castle was established in 1844. The castle was the seat of the Dukes of Hamilton and contained an array of rare artefacts. With access to the café, play area and some beautiful countryside walks, a visit to Brodick Castle are most certainly worth the trip.

10. Holy Isle

Sunset over the Holy island
One of the most picturesque places in Scotland

Located in the Firth of Clyde is the sacred Holy Isle. Just off of the Isle of Arran sits this beautiful island full of fantastic views of the Scottish countryside. With a Centre for World Peace and Health, the island is one of few in Great Britain that carry the ‘Holy’ word in their name. Be sure to look out for some local wildlife such as a Saanen goat and Eriskay pony.

11. The Falkirk Wheel

Looking down the Falkirk canal at sunset
Explore the mechanics behind the Falkirk Wheel

A rotating boat lift famous for its interesting structure and innovative design, the Falkirk Wheel is a site to be seen. Connecting the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union canal, the name derives from the town the Wheel is located in – Falkirk. If you happen to take a walk along the canal and stop for a tea or coffee, you may just see the machine in action. Why not take a tour on the canal and experience the Wheel for yourself and see some beautiful canal boats in the process.

12. Loch Ard

Over looking the lake Loch Ard
Feel complete peace while strolling around Lock Ard

An hour away from Glasgow city centre lies the picturesque Loch Ard. You can bask in the Glasgow air while taking a stroll around the woodlands and experiencing the Scottish wildlife too. The Loch is considered the source of the River Forth and is 5 kilometres to the west of Aberfoyle. While walking around the Loch you may happen to see the ruins of nobleman Murdoch Stewart’s castle, a man famously executed by James I in 1425.

Now you have truly seen what Glasgow has to offer, there is still plenty more to see and do. No matter the time of year the city is always booming. With a Citybase apartment, your trip to Glasgow will be even better. With the added benefit of onsite parking, you can head off to these fantastic sights, including the day trip locations, from your apartment without having to worry!

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