How to Honeymoon like Harry and Meghan

How to Honeymoon like Harry and Meghan

How to Honeymoon like Harry and Meghan

It's nearly a month since the royal wedding of HRH Prince Harry and his beautiful wife Meghan Markle. Although the location of the honeymoon is still pretty secret, some rumours have suggested that the royal couple travelled to Canada to celebrate their marriage. Other destinations that they may have visited include Botswana, Namibia, or Birkhall in Scotland, but no stories have yet been corroborated.

However, we have come up with eight honeymoon destinations we think would be fit for any (new) princess.

Cape Town

Cape Town has long been a destination of romance with towering mountains, the perfect climate, and views of the sprawling city and African countryside. Marvel at the views from the top of Table Mountain National Park after you walk hand in hand around this incredible location or take a scenic cable car, either way it is the ideal way to spend time with each other as the sun sets over the jagged mountain peaks. Experience unrivalled dining experience as you sit in the heat of the evening air and eat gourmet food whilst watching the ocean.


San Jose

The noise of the thundering waterfalls that surround lagoons, and the long white sand beaches that go on for miles, San Jose offers newly weds an amazing honeymoon experience. Why not take a trip to the natural hot springs and enjoy a pamper or a spa day by the pool and in the heat of the day. Take in the impressive scenery and diverse wildlife as you journey through the countryside, with amazing views of the city, take it all in at your own pace and relax.


If you are looking for a honeymoon with a lively atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and Moroccan markets then look no further than Casablanca, which offers more than most cities. Abundant with colours and the smells of spices, this city is perfect for a getaway, both relaxing and in the midst of something new to see everyday. If you fancy going off the beaten track with your loved one then book a camel tour and explore the heat of the desert in the Moroccan sun.


Rome really needs no introduction when it comes to the honeymoon scene. This city is alive with romantic cuisines, attractions, and is definitely a city of love. Visit the amazing Roman landmarks across the city, explore the incredible museums and galleries or watch a ballet or theatre production in one of the city's opulent amphitheatres. This city comes alive at night and while the candle light burns in the evening experience the Italian dishes and savor the tastes.


We think Iceland often gets missed off the romantic destinations list, but this is why it should be one of the top locations. Visit the hot spas in the middle of the Icelandic countryside, secretive spring spas are located not far from the city, so take the time to relax in this landscape with just your partner by your side. Watch as the northern lights flow against the night sky as you watch the stars in the evening, or take a boat and head to the sea on a whale watching tour, and take the time to watch these amazing creatures. It may be cold, but snuggle up and you will be just fine.


Bruges oozes charm and character, with chocolate box houses, stunning canal tours, and magical walks along the waters edge. The tiny details in the 13th century architecture are sure to impress anyone, and as you wander the narrow lanes and streets you may come across one of the markets that take place where chocolates of all types are sold and beautiful jewellery is made. Often referred to as the "Cinderella City" it is not hard to see why, so let your imagination flow as you enter this enchanting city.


If you fancy travelling a little further then Wellington in New Zealand offers the most amazing destination. Head up to the botanical gardens by cable car and as you reach the top the view will open up with the sprawling city below and the light blue ocean next to it. Watch the sunset over the peaks and glitter across the sea as you enjoy a glass of wine or two. Take one of the many tours that go from the city centre and sit on a secluded beach watching as the seals around you enjoy their time sunbathing.


Brimming with patisseries, incredible architecture and home to some of the most beautiful music ever made from Mozart to Beethoven. Ride in a horse drawn carriage across the city watching the amazing sites pass by. In the evening visit one of the amazing ballrooms and dance the night away with your partner, there are many ballroom events so pick up a ticket and waltz away to gorgeous romantic music. A truly original experience on any honeymoon to this city.

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