Google Autocomplete's Guide to London

Google Autocomplete's Guide to London

Google Autocomplete's Guide to London

Google, our friend; our constant companion to modern life, always on hand with a reliable map, a handy definition, a quick translation or restaurant recommendation. In fact there isn’t much that we don’t ask our trusty guide to the internet, with searches about London being among the most popular. In fact, a look at what Google suggests we might like to know gives an interesting insight into the most popular searches on any given term, as well as (I like to think anyway) an appreciation of the personality behind the algorithm. So what does Google want us to know when we ask it about London?

Google clearly wants us to visit London. Nice.

Where in London…

…should I stay? …should I live? …can I afford to buy?

Google wants to make our journey as stress-free as possible but understands that London transport can be confusing.

How do London...underground fares work? Where in London...can I buy an oyster card? Why does London...have so many airports? Why does London...have red double lines*?

Google wants us to have a good time and apparently these are the highlights

Where in London …

…is the Shard …is the London Eye …is Harrods …is Buckingham Palace

Google also wants to remind us that many icons of popular culture hail from London

Where in London..

…are The Clash from? …are The Bastille from?

Google is socially responsible and cares about climate change and regeneration. It’s also apparently confused by British politics. Aren’t we all Google.

How could London…

…be more sustainable? …respond to the skyline campaign? …flood?

why does London Labour?

Google appreciates that, even though we love London, sometimes we want to escape the pressures of urban life.

Which London…

...airport has 5 terminals? ...station goes to Brighton?


*I actually did have to google that. Red Lines means no stopping at all is allowed.


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