8 Free Things To Do In Milan

8 Free Things To Do In Milan

8 Free Things To Do In Milan

Milan is world renowned for haute couture and haute cusine, but you don't have to blow a budget if you are staying in this magnificent city. From museums to castles there are plenty of free things to do in Milan to keep anyone entertained. Citybase Apartments have compiled this list to help you take advantage of your time in this Italian city.

Sforza Castle 

Built in the 15th Century over the ruins of a 14th century fortification, this castle is at the centre of Milan. Milan Castle has served the city in many ways over the years, as a citadel and military base. Parco Sempione, a large park and gardens was created around the castle on the former parade grounds. Visitors can gain free entry on Tuesdays, from 2 p.m. to 5.30  p.m; Wednesday to Friday and on weekends, from 4.30  p.m. to 5.30 p.m. (admittance until 5 p.m.). If you fancy the museum or want to visit out of these hours then admission is only five euros, so definitely worth a visit.

Milan Cathedral 

milan cathedral


Milan Cathedral is the largest church in Italy and third largest in the world. Beginning construction in 1386, this cathedral has been subject to many architects taking their own individual approaches to how the structure should look. From 14th century European architecture to the Gothic styles of the 1600's, this cathedral is a combination of styles and designs. Free admission is available to the Santa Maria Annunciata in Camposanto Church from Monday to Friday 12.30 pm to 2 pm, and to St. Stefano Baptistery between 9 am and 6 pm.


jelliesMany don't know that Milan has an aquarium. With wonderful architecture and hippo fountains, this building offers stunning detail as well as marine education. The architecture dates back to the early twentieth century and carvings of squid and octopus line the walls, along with jellyfish swimming in their tanks. Free admission is available on the first and third Tuesday each month from 2 pm and the first Sunday of the month as well. Admission outside of these hours is just five euros.

Piazza Mercanti

Piazza Mercanti is one of the most picturesque squares in Milan, located near to Milan Cathedral. Its charming medieval architecture is renowned as some of the most famous medieval buildings in the world. this area is worth a visit as its character will no doubt inspire you.

Leonardo da Vinci's Horse

the horse

Leonardo da Vinci's Horse was originally meant to be the largest horse sculpture in the world, but was never fully completed. Da Vinci prepared the sculpture which was commissioned by the Duke of Milan in 1482, but his works were never completed, only a clay model which was destroyed in 1499 by French soldiers, allegedly after being used for target practice!

Palazzo Morando

A beautiful 18th century Palazzo decorated in the style of that period, this location is brimming with antiques, sculptures and magnificent paintings that depict life in Milan as well as historical events between the 17th and 19th centuries. The Palazzo is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday between 9 am and 17.30 pm with a closed period between 1 pm and 2 pm for lunch.


This large exhibition space is dominated by contemporary art and located in an area which was originally home to the Pirelli factories. The star artwork at HangarBicocca is the installation of The Seven Heavenly Palaces by the German artist Anselm Kiefer. This place is perfect for kids; offering a free kids' programs to get them involved in contemporary art work. Occasionally the hangar is closed due to private events, so always check before you visit.

Museo Martinitt e Stelline

This museum is a multimedia and interactive museum telling the stories of Milan's orphans that were looked after by the city throughout the past few centuries, Located next to Palazzo Stelline, the former girls' orphanage. Open from 10.30 to 18.30 between Tuesday and Saturday.


Where to Stay


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