City Break Spends [INFOGRAPHIC]

So you’ve decided on a city break. Great!  But how do you know how much money to take with you?  How do you budget for your trip?  Well this handy infographic from Sainsburys Bank Money Matters is a good place to start.  They’ve looked at the average cost of transport, entertainment, food and drink and attractions in some of the UK’s most popular cities.

In a nutshell, Plymouth seems to be the best place to get a Taxi, where Belfast has the cheapest bus fares.   Brighton overtakes London as having the most expensive cappuccinos, so if you’re looking for a budget saving break, skip the fancy coffees here!  York is the cheapest place for drinkers, with wine and beers costing less than in other cities.  Hotels are perhaps unsurprisingly most expensive in London, but remember there are always cheaper accommodation alternatives, like serviced apartments.

This infographic also highlights a number of great places to visit without having to spend a penny!  So weighing up all the options, which city are you going to visit on your next UK city break?



Francis Buchanan

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