25 Of The Best Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2018

25 Of The Best Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2018

25 Of The Best Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2018

When it comes to finding inspiration for your next vacation, there are few better places to look than on the ever-influential photo app, Instagram.

Full of snaps to fill you with wanderlust, and globetrotting travellers exploring exotic places, it’s easy to get lost in the thousands of accounts dedicated to discovering new sights.

However, with so many out there, it can be difficult to find the best ones. So, to give you a hand, we’ve rounded up 25 of the best travel Instagram accounts to follow in 2018.

Expert Vagabond


Handle: @expertvagabond

Also known as Matt Karsten, this avid adventurer is a professional blogger and photographer who’s been exploring the world for seven years. Full of colourful snaps of the great outdoors, you’ll definitely have itchy feet after looking at this account.

Ever Changing Horizon


Handle: @everchanginghorizon

Quin specialises in snapping dramatic landscapes and striking natural formations, resulting in an awe-inspiring feed of photos. Opting for destinations off the beaten track, you’ll see corners of the world you never knew existed.

Daniel Kordan


Handle: @danielkordan

Daniel is a full-time landscape photographer who produces jaw-dropping photos. Travelling the world, he captures stunning scenery in a subtle yet striking way, resulting in expertly edited snaps guaranteed to fill you with wanderlust.

Travis Burke


Handle: @travisburkephotography

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the USA, then Travis’s account is the place to be. Travelling around the country in a converted camper van, he captures the beauty of each state alongside his travelling companions.

Chelsea Yamase


Handle: @chelseakauai

Often found alongside Travis, Hawaii-born Chelsea travels the globe and looks stunning in the process. Featuring breathtaking landscapes, beautiful self-portraits, and plenty of adventures, you can be lost for hours in her snaps.

Kirsten Addis


Handle: @bemytravelmuse

Kirsten is a solo adventurer from Southern California travelling the world one country at a time. With a mix of outdoor landscapes, cosmopolitan cities, and beautiful wildlife, Kirsten is the perfect role model for those of us wanting to travel the world alone.

Chris Burkard


Handle: @chrisburkard

With 2.9 million followers, Chris is one of the most popular travel accounts on Instagram and specialises in wild, untouched places. Through his work, he seeks to encourage humans to consider their relationship with nature and become more aware of the environment.

Lauren Bath


Handle: @laurenpbath

Originally from Australia, Lauren captures the raw beauty of her home country as well countries around the world. She mixes wildlife, landscapes and nature across her snaps, resulting in a diverse and well-crafted account.

Johan Lolos


Handle: @lebackpacker

Travel photographer Johan has spent the last five months travelling around Europe, from Scandinavia to Germany to Greece, capturing the incredible landscapes and the wildlife that calls them home.

Emily Thomas


Handle: @emitoms

Emily is a marketing manager for Amazon yet somehow still manages to squeeze in beautiful adventures across Washington state. Full of striking pictures of nature and perfectly lit shots, Emily’s account for those looking for rugged US landscapes.

Tiffany Nguyen


Handle: @tiffpenguin

Tiffany manages to combine a career as a dentist with travelling the globe as an adventure travel photographer, focusing on landscapes, lifestyle, and exciting escapades. Her snaps are full of striking colours and rugged beauty and are sure to get you out and about.

The Planet D


Handle: @theplanetd

This account is run by travel companions Dave and Deb who have been married for 20 years and decided to escape the rat race for a life on the road. With an aim to inspire people to step out of their comfort zone, you’ll soon be wanting to follow their example after looking at their stunning photos.

The Blonde Abroad


Handle: @theblondeabroad

Kiki is a California native who left behind a career in corporate finance to become a world traveller. With a knack for making her lifestyle seem like the norm, she has a great mix of landscapes, cityscapes, and expertly crafted photos of her everyday life.

Girl Eat World


Handle: @girleatworld

This is a great account to follow for those with a love of food and travel, with Mel posting pictures of delicious grub in some fantastic locations. From ice cream in Japan to pretzels in Germany, you’ll leave this account both hungry and wanting to travel the world!

Louis Cole


Handle: @funforlouis

Louis has managed to garner over 1 million followers on Instagram and it’s not hard to see why. His Instagram is full of exciting adventure, stunning wildlife, and breathtaking portraits of the people he meets on his travels.

Alex Strohl


Handle: @alexstrohl

Alex is another widely followed adventure photographer and nearly two million people regularly check in to follow him on his exploits. Alex specialises in capturing raw, rugged nature and beautiful wildlife, as well as some charming shots of his travelling companions.

Polina Burashnikova


Handle: @polabur

Originally from Russia, Polina’s feed features chic photos of cityscapes, delicious food, and stunning self-portraits. Primarily travelling around Europe, you’ll find her in most cosmopolitan cities on the continent.

The Travel Project


Handle: @the.travel.project

Charlie and Jess have dreamt up a new way of travelling ‘through local eyes’, using Instagram itself to connect with people across the globe and find destinations off the beaten track. You’ll find snaps of unique places, unusual experiences, and an in-depth look at the communities they encounter.

Anne Par Avion


Handle: @anneparavion

Anne is an up-and-coming travel blogger and one to watch next year. She specialises in unusual, eclectic visuals using striking colours and bold portraits, making her feed look more like an art exhibition than a photostream. She snaps beautiful landscapes, stunning portraits of the people she meets, and charming architecture.



Handle: @hebdomania

Thibault is a professional photographer and a self-professed lover of lines, which results in a stunning array of well-crafted snaps. Taking in cities, rugged landscapes, beautiful interiors and colourful architecture, this account is great for those looking for a bit of everything.

Beautiful Destinations


Handle: @beautifuldestinations

This account does what it says on the tin and captures some of the most stunning destinations from across the globe. Celebrating the people, places and activities that make up our wonderful planet, you’ll be mesmerised by the snaps on this account.

Wonderful Places


Handle: @wonderfulplaces

This account is very similar in tone to Beautiful Destinations and is dedicated to portraying wonderful places across the world. From stunning beaches to starry nights and fields of foxglove, this account will certainly leave you with itchy feet.

The Pretty Cities of Instagram


Handle: @theprettycities

This account solely posts pictures of beautiful cityscapes so it’s a great choice for the budding architects amongst us. Full of clean lines, quaint lighting, and rustic charm, you’ll feel lovely and cosy after spending an hour on this account.

Murad and Nataly Osmann


Handle: @muradosmann and @natalyosmann

This duo is the original #couplegoals, creating the hugely successful #followmeto project. Murad’s account is full of the stunning snaps featuring his wife Nataly in beautiful destinations, whilst Nataly’s account mixes modelling shots with travel.

Mum Pack Travel


Handle: @mumpacktravel

This account is a breath of fresh air in an app filled with young solo travellers and proves that anyone can explore the world. After the death of her best friend, mum Evie set off on a trip around the world with her seven-year old daughter Emmie, documenting their adventures as they go. It’s full of beautiful and heart-warming snaps that can brighten anyone’s day.


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