10 Things You CAN Take On A Plane That May Surprise You

10 Things You CAN Take On A Plane That May Surprise You

10 Things You CAN Take On A Plane That May Surprise You

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional air passenger, the restricted items that cannot be taken in your luggage is often a source of confusion. For many people this can lead to lengthy check-ins, items being confiscated or even being refused permission to board the flight.

There are different sets of rules for handheld luggage which goes into the plane cabin and for luggage that goes into the hold of the plane. If you’re looking for a definitive guide for what you can take aboard a plane in your hand luggage, we recommend you check out this Government Portal web page.

Some items that can’t be packed in your carry on luggage can be taken in the luggage that goes into the hold. The above link to the Government Portal shows whether the items restricted from the cabin can be carried in your hold luggage.

Despite the necessary security restrictions for items in our luggage there are still some items that you CAN take on your flight, usually in your hold luggage, that may surprise you. So without further ado, here’s the Citybase Apartments list of surprising items that you can take on a plane.

Firearms (including replicas)

You might think that licensed firearms would be an absolute no no, but they’re not. Many athletes use firearms in competitive sport – such as the biathlon and more obviously target shooting. If you intend to take a firearm with you when you travel you should contact your airline at least 72 hours in advance and follow their instructions for checking in your luggage.


If you are taking a firearm with you, you also need to speak to the airline about any ammunition you wish to carry. There are limits to the type and number of rounds that are permissible.

A Harpoon or Spear Gun

Not essential holiday kit for everyone, but if you fancy fishing using a harpoon or spear gun, then you can pack it in your hold luggage.

A Crossbow

Again you might think a crossbow would be an automatic no when it comes to travel but they are permissible in your hold luggage!


Not allowed in your carry on luggage, but perfectly fine in the suitcase destined for the hold. We’re not sure why anyone would need to take a corkscrew with them on their travels. Surely the one in your fully equipped Citybase Apartment will work just fine - a corkscrew is a corkscrew, right?

Clubs, Coshes, Knuckledusters, Swords, Throwing Stars & Nunchucks

Most often used by martial arts athletes (we hope). These items can be taken aboard the plane if they are in your hold luggage.


Darts players, especially those competing at a high level in the sport, would find it impossible getting used to a new set of darts if they weren’t allowed to take their trusty darts with them when they compete abroad. Carrying darts aboard a plane is ok if they are in your hold luggage.

Tools (including blades)

Work contractors may need to take tools with them when they travel abroad to work. Drills, saws, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, nail guns etc. can all be taken on your flight in the hold luggage.

Bats, Racquets & Hockey Sticks

A frequent item that people think will be ok to take in their carry on luggage are sports racquets and bats etc. Although you can’t take these items into the cabin with you, they are fine to take provided they go in the hold luggage.


Parachutes are the one item on this list that are permissible in your carry on luggage, though you might make your fellow passengers nervous if you are seen loading one into your overhead locker. We’d recommend that you pack your parachute in with your hold luggage.

Whilst these items are allowed in your luggage, we’d recommend making the airport security staff aware of them as they check your luggage. Explaining that the items are there and the reason why you’re carrying them, will help you get through airport check-in with the minimum of fuss.

Bon Voyage!


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