10 Money Saving Hacks To Cut The Cost Of Travel [Infographic]

10 Money Saving Hacks To Cut The Cost Of Travel [Infographic]

10 Money Saving Hacks To Cut The Cost Of Travel [Infographic]

Whether you're travelling for work or for play, there's no denying that the cost of public transport is constantly on the rise. From the journey to and from work, going out for the day or heading away on holiday, we've put together 10 money saving hacks to cut the cost of travel as an infographic:

For Work

From car sharing with other employees or even pooling with those from other companies through sites such as liftshare.com through to parking out of town and buying a longer-term travel ticket, saving money on the travel to and from work is something quite near the top of anyones list of financial priorities. We all know how the cost of commuting can eat into our wages, however it's great to know that there's a number of simple things which can be done in order to save money. Of course, how much can be saved depends entirely upon how far is travelled and how frequently, however as a general rule, each one of these hacks can save anything upwards of £10 per week.

For A Day Out

When it comes to going out for the day as a family, there's no denying the fact that costs add up quite quickly. Attraction entrance fees are increasing in price year on year, however by investing just £30 in a 'Family and Friends Railcard' (which can be bought here) you can save 1/3 off adult tickets and 60% off children's tickets. When used frequently, the potential savings across a year can be huge. Added to that, why not go out for a bike ride or for a walk rather than taking the car? It'll cost less and you'll keep fit in the mean time!

Going On Holiday

Who doesn't love going on holiday? Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the holiday which they want, however when you take the time to look at your options, there's plenty of ways to bring the cost down. By being flexible on your departure airport and the dates you fly, you can often take advantage of some of the more reasonably priced flights and by booking either directly through the airline or by flying indirectly, there's further money to be saved. Why not also check out SkyScanner.net to compare your different options both direct and indirect?

Above all, there's plenty of ways to save on travel costs, it's often just a case of taking the time to find what they are. Of course, there's plenty others and we'd love to hear your own top tips for saving on travel costs!

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