Bruges Serviced Apartments


Serviced Apartments in Bruges

With a serviced apartment in Bruges you are able to live like a local and explore this stunning city at your leisure. Bruges Serviced Apartments are ideal for families, groups, couples, and the solo traveller. Nicknamed Venice of the North, this beautiful city boasts romance, picturesque scenery, and an abundance of folklore. 

Perfect for a short getaway or a long vacation, Bruges is the perfect city to indulge in a little TLC. A prominent world heritage site of UNESCO, Bruges character and charm draws tourists throughout the year.


Why should you visit Bruges

Bruges was originally a coastal settlement during the Bronze and Iron Age, and then began to develop into an important tidal port, integral to trade throughout Europe. Bruges location has long been a strategic point for the city and during history has always been used for southern trade routes and the commercial trade of cotton and spice. Although nowadays the city is not the port it used to be, its history shines through with traditional buildings and quirky housing.

With cobbled streets and historic churches, this city is taken out of a fairy-tale. Little market squares strewn the centre, interlinked by canals gently flowing throughout the city. Walk among the medieval buildings and take in the stunning architecture. With chocolate shops laying in between the historic buildings it is hard to tear yourself away from the main shopping areas and venture outside the shopping districts, but further afield you will find peace and quiet and beautiful areas that are not often explored by tourists.

New to Serviced Apartments?

Our Bruges serviced apartments are located within walking distance to a vast array of amenities and eateries. With easy access to the beautiful canal walks that give Bruges its charm and history. With more privacy, space, and flexibility than alternative accommodation options, serviced apartments give you the opportunity to experience this wonderful city at your leisure and convenience.

Things to do in Bruges

Belgian chocolate is renowned throughout the world so what better way to spend your time in Bruges than visit the Choco-story, a small museum with the history of chocolate plus samples of some of the finest chocolate. Towering over the city, Belfry of Bruges is a medieval bell tower with 366 steps leading up to magnificent views of the city or visit the Kruispoort, the best preserved 15th Century gate to the city.

If you fancy something a little more varied, try Bruges Beer Experience, a museum of beer history where visitors can taste brews of varied styles. Additionally, to top off your experience why not  take in the amazing gothic style of the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Here, during the holy blood service, you can view a phial that reputedly contains Christ’s blood bought to Bruges during the Crusades.

Best time of the year to visit Bruges

Despite Bruges reputation for having unpredictable weather, Bruges is a place you can visit whatever the season.  We recommend visiting this fabulous city during the winter months. With the winter months comes less tourists, but wrap up warm and this little city and all its charm comes to life. With beautiful Christmas lights and Christmas markets nestled in the snow, this picturesque city is picked straight from a Christmas card and makes the perfect winter destination. Take a boat ride around the canals and view the lights as the glitter off the canals and bounce light and warmth among the cobbled lanes.

Places to eat in Bruges

Bruges is a wealth of places to eat, from small traditional cafes to gourmet restaurants and sushi, Bruges has it all no matter your appetite. Belgium is known for its sweet-tooth, so this is the perfect opportunity to indulge in that sentiment. From Belgian Waffles to Praline, deserts are the way forward here in Belgium. For those with savory taste buds, try some Waterzooi, a stew dish originating in Flanders, Belgium or as a side dish taste a sample of Stoemp, a rich mash of potatoes and other root vegetables, sometimes including bacon.