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Leicester is a modern English city with a uniquely cosmopolitan character. Considerable investment has allowed for the development of a thriving city centre complete with boutique shops, high-quality restaurants and nightlife venues to suit all tastes.

You may be interested to hear that Leicester boasts a range of family-friendly attractions. You can learn all about the wonders of the universe and mankind's spectacular achievements at the National Space Centre. You might also be interested in viewing the Roman artefacts at the Jewry Hall museum. If you make a summertime visit then it would be worth exploring the extensive inner city parks.

You'll discover a variety of retail centres in the heart of Leicester. It might be tempting to visit the historic market and purchase some of the freshest local produce. Alternatively, you could visit some of the high-end retail outlets in the Highcross shopping centre. If you're laden with shopping bags then it would be worth stopping off for a well-deserved rest at one of Leicester's charming caf├ęs.

It's quite likely that you'll be in need of some food after exploring Leicester's popular tourist attractions. You'll discover a variety of quality dining establishments along the historic Queens Road. If you fancy some evening entertainment then it would be worth making the trip to the cultural quarter. You may sit back and watch an independent movie at the inner city cinema or enjoy a dramatic performance at the theatre. You might even be excited at the prospect of watching the highly impressive Leicester Tigers rugby team in a match against their fierce rivals.

There are plenty of options when it comes to a night out in Leicester. You could join the local University students for a lively evening at one of the major music venues. Or perhaps you'd prefer to have a quiet drink at one of the charming inner city pubs. Leicester really does have something for everybody!


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National Space Centre

National Space Centre

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