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Cities in Georgia

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Straddling the border of Europe and Asia, Georgia is a unique country full of fascinating history and beautiful, dramatic countryside. From the capital Tbilisi to the Black Sea coast, through fertile wine regions and striking mountainsides, a visit to Georgia is one you'll remember for a long time.


Because of its landscape, Georgia's climate is extremely diverse. In the capital, Tbilisi, you can expect cold winters with an average temperature of 0.9 °C (33.6 °F) and hot summers with an average temperature of 24.4 °C (75.9 °F). Rain is common in the spring and autumn, with May generally the wettest month.


A number of public holidays are observed in Georgia, including:

January 1st - New Year's Day
January 7th - Orthodox Christmas
(Moveable) - Orthodox Easter
April 9th - Day of National Unity
May 9th - Day of Victory over Fascism
May 12th - Saint Andrea the First Day
May 26th - Independence Day
August 28th - Saint Mary's Day
November 23rd - Saint George's Day


By Air:
Tbilisi International Airport, a modern facility which completed reconstruction in 2007, is the main airport in Georgia and lies just 17 km (11 miles) from the capital. There is a rail link service to the city from the airport.

By Train:
The main cities and towns are connected by a railway network, including international connections to Azerbaijan.

By Car:
Driving in Georgia is on the right.

By Bus:
There are international bus services available from Azerbaijan and Turkey, and bus services connect the towns and cities.


A basic knowledge of Georgian will be essential, as most signs are not bilingual, and the language uses its own alphabet. English is not widely spoken, but is increasingly studied, and many people will also understand Russian.

Some useful Georgian phrases (displayed phonetically):

Hello: gamarjoba
Goodbye: nakhvamdis
Do you speak English?: inglisuri itsi?
Please: tu sheidzleba
Thank you: gmadlobt

Important Information

The currency of Georgia is the Lari (GEL) which divides into 100 tetri.

The domestic electricity voltage is 220v and 50hz. Round two pin plugs are commonly used. If you will require an adaptor, it is recommended that you purchase one in advance.

The telephone country code for Georgia is +995.

In an emergency, you can dial 022 for the police or ambulance. 112 on mobile phones will also connect you to the police.

Traveller's Tips

Georgians are very proud of their hospitality- expect to be asked how you're enjoying your stay and be sure to reply positively.

When visiting churches , you should dress conservatively. Shorts should be avoided, and women may need to cover their heads.

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